Understand that the future of marketing isn’t intrinsically marketing.
It should be a semi-automated, human-centric discovery journey of contextual, highly-personalized, immersive, additive and meaningful information.

It’s a tailored service delivered by intelligent, smart technology because it’s a perpetual experience – an intimate connection – regardless the device, medium, time or location it is encountered.

Efficient Business Consulting
Information Architecture & Marketing Strategy Improvement

From start-up to governmental institution or European commission, established brand or industry icon and also including the underdogs or non-profits, every once in a while a little outside help with a fresh perspective and some keen insights can help you achieve your goals faster. Consequently, if you need it pronto, agile and cost-effective it makes sense to lean on an experienced and competent consultant.

Typical requested bespoke services range from 15-minute Skype calls or phone briefings with light advisory to long term program implementation and project management. Eventually this almost always leads to a comprehensive execution follow-up.

Speaker Arrangements
Invigorating & inspiring keynote presentations

Apart from a good comfortable chair and the availability of enough power sockets and strong wi-fi, conferences or corporate retreats pretty much rely on the innovative and insightful thoughts of its speakers because the most productive networking sessions happen when an energetic and motivated storyteller leaves the attendees entertained and inspired.

For more information, check the speaker bio page. For a reference list of performances, check the arrangements archive.

Coaching Sessions & Training
Leveraging your (team’s) skills & resources

With a healthy dose of discipline and some diligence, it’s easy to develop a routine to stay current and ahead of the market because doing it on your own takes a lot of work, a lot of time, and reading a lot of complicated analytics and statistics. For a straightforward hands-on approach with fast and sustainable results, get in touch today!

Services range from multi-day team training seminars to dedicated one-on-one mentoring. Everything is tailored to meet your (company’s) specific requirements.

Concept & Ideation Workshops
Helping you discovering new possibilities & actionable insights

Workshops create the perfect environment for a team to ask questions, tap into each other’s knowledge and learn new skills faster in professional but informal setting. Therefore, with a good scenario at hand, workshops are the perfect experience accelerator.

With more than a decade of blood, sweat and tears in the trenches of the marketing, advertising and technology fields, Miel has become a knowledgeable trainer in many of the skills and strategies needed to effectively manage your digital reputation and community.

Corporate expertise | marketing intelligence & business transformation

Academic expertise | university and college (guest) lectures

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